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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Getting Acquainted in Bahasa Indonesia

Looking for the right place to learn bahasa Indonesia? Here is the site for you to take an online Indonesian course. Especially if you happen to be employed in the greater Jakarta such as Bekasi, Cibitung, Cikarang and thereabouts, and think about taking an Indonesian course, contact us for more information Learning Indonesian language with us is just fun!

Now let's practice getting acquainted in bahasa Indonesia

Mike : Selamat siang
Ayunita : Selamat siang
Mike : Kenalkan, nama saya Mike Styler
Ayunita : Nama saya Ayunita Handayani. Panggil saja Ayunita.
Anda berasal dari mana?
Mike : Saya dari Melbourne, Australia
Ayunita : Anda tinggal dimana di Indonesia?
Mike : Saya tinggal di Kebon Jeruk
Anda tinggal dimana?
Ayunita : Saya tinggal di Kebayoran Lama. Ngomong-ngomong,
Bahasa Indonesia anda bagus sekali.
Mike : Nggak juga.
Ayunita : Anda belajar Bahasa Indonesia dimana?
Mike : Saya belajar dari bahasa corner di internet.
Mike : Good afternoon
Ayunita : Good afternoon
Mike : Let me introduce myself, I’m Mike Styler.
Ayunita : My name’s Ayunita Handayani. Just call me Ayunita.
Where are you from?
Mike : I’m from Melbourne, Australia.
Ayunita : Where do you stay in Indonesia?
Mike : I live in Kebun Jeruk. Where do you live?
Ayunita : I live in Kebayoran Lama. By the way, your
bahasa Indonesia is pretty good.
Mike : Not really.
Ayunita : Where did you learn bahasa Indonesia ?


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