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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Knowing of how idioms are used in bahasa Indonesia will surely make you feel comfortable when it comes to speaking informal Indonesian with its people. Learn a few examples below. Just make sure to stick around here when you care about learning Indonesian language with bahasa-corner.com online.

1) cuci mata = entertainment for oneself to see something beautiful or interesting
Saya mau cuci mata ke mall
2) kambing hitam = scape goat
e.q: Jangan jadikan aku kambing hitam atas kesalahanmu
3) Si jago merah = fire during a burnout
e.q: Si jago merah membakar habis pertokoan itu.
4) kupu-kupu malam = a whore/ prostitute
e.q: Banyak kupu-kupu malam berkeliaran di malam hari di kota metropolitan
5) ringan tangan = a rude person who likes to hit easily on someone because of anger
e.q: Ayahku adalah seorang yang ringan tangan
6) hidung belang = a man who likes to have intimate relationship with a prostitute and do sexual harassment to a woman
e.q: para hidung belang sibuk mencari mangsa untuk kepuasan mereka
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