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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Demonstrative Pronouns

Ini means this
Itu means that
Apa ? means what. It is for asking things and animals
Siapa? means who. It is for asking people.

Latihlah mengucakan kalimat berikut ini
Practice saying the following sentences 

      A:  Apa itu? – What is that?
      B:  Itu bendera Indonesia - That is Indonesia’s Flag

        A: Apa ini? – What is that?
        B: Ini telepon genggam - This is a cellular phone  

                                                   A:  Dia siapa? – Who is she?
            B:  Dia seorang polsi wanita - She's a police woman                                                   

        A: Siapa dia? – Who is he?
        B: Dia seorang pelukis - He is a painter



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