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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Indonesian course? Better know a glimpse of Indonesia, first

Welcome to Bahasa corner, that's what we would like to say to you, all people, in case you're looking for a reference to your Indonesian learning programs. This site is the right place for you to take an Indonesian course either online or offline for those living in the greater Jakarta and thereabouts.

Stick around here, learn more about our country, the culture, the people, the things you might not know out there or the things you have been ill-informed so far. First, about Indonesia itself, the uniquness of us starts from when you see Indonesia from the sky through Google map, the structure of the archipelago linking one island to another forming an awesome scene.

Talking about Indonesia's tourism, ever heard of Bali? Bali is probably more popular than Indonesia itself. Bali has become one of the favorite tourist destination areas, visited more by tourists either domestic or globally than any other regions in Indonesia. Why Bali? You see the uniqueness of this island; not only it is inhibited by the predominantly Hindu population with its rich traditional and religious culture, but it has a great deal of enchanting views and places of interest.

By the way, what did you know about Indonesia so far? Terrorism? Radicalism? Stop thinking negative about us. Let's improve our knowledge, lingustical things or something.

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