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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Indonesian comedian

Learning Indonesian by knowing its places of interest, culture, people, including comedian, why not? Maybe the most famous Indonesian comedian now is Sule. However, it is quite difficult to decide he is the man as Indonesia keeps so many professional comedians to outdo one another. It is difficult either to say one will also be the legend later as big as the late Benyamin Sueb who produced 75 music album and played in 53 films during his life time.

Read the following passage about Sule quoted from Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia and learn some new words

Entis Sutisna (lahir di Kota Cimahi, Jawa Barat, 15 November 1976; umur 35 tahun) atau lebih dikenal dengan nama Sule adalah pelawak Indonesia. Ia dikenal karena kemampuan membuat lelucon spontan yang responsif dan kreatif. Sule mulai dikenal setelah memenangkan API 1 (bersama Ogi Suwarna dan Obin Wahyudin dalam grup lawak SOS) pada tahun 2005 dan Superstar Show. Karirnya semakin meningkat setelah perannya dalam acara Opera Van Java di Trans7 dan sinetron Awas Ada Sule di Global TV. Anak pertamanya yang bernama Rizky , kini mulai aktif mengikuti jejaknya 


lahir: was born
lebih dikenal: well known as
pelawak: comedian
membuat lelucon: to make jokes
memenangkan: to win
Karirnya semakin meningkat: to improve his career/to rise to stardom
Anak pertamanya: His first son
mengikuti jejaknya: to follow his step 

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