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Friday, September 27, 2013

Daily Activities in Indonesian Language

Aktivitas Sehari-hari  - Daily Activities

Setiap pagi saya bangun jam 5 lalu mandi selama 15 menit. Setelah itu saya sarapan pagi. Biasanya Saya makan nasi goreng buatan istri saya. Rasanya enak sekali. Saya berangkat ke kantor jam 7 pagi. Butuh waktu 30 menit dari rumah ke kantor dan saya tiba di kantor sekitar jam 8.30. Saya istirahat pada jam 12 siang dan  saya sering makan siang bersama rekan kantor di restoran atau kantin dekat kantor saya. Saya pulang kerja jam 5 dan butuh satu jam untuk sampai kerumah karena biasanya macet dijalan. Sampai rumah sekitar jam 6. Saya suka olah raga terutama tenis dan di akhir pekan saya selalu bermain tenis dengan teman-teman dari kantor selama 2 jam. 

Every morning I wake up at 5 then I take a shower for 15 minutes. After that I have breakfast. I usually have fried rice made by my wife. It tastes really good. I go to the office at 7 am. It takes 30 minutes from my house to the office and I arrive at 8.30. I take a break at 12 and I often have lunch with my colleagues at a restaurant or canteen near my office. I go home from work at 5 and It takes an hour to my house because it is usually crowded on the way home. Arrive home around 6. I love sports especially tennis and at weekends I always play tennis with my friends from the office for 2 hours.

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