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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Arah - Direction

Kiri                                - Left
Ke kiri                             - To the left
Belok kiri                          - Turn left
Disebelah kiri                      - On the left
Ambil kiri                          - Take a left
Ambil belokkan kedua sebelah kiri   - Take the second turning on the left

Kanan                               - Right
Ke kanan                            - To the right
Belok kanan                         - Turn right
Disebelah kanan                     - On the right
Ambil kanan                         - Take a right
Ambil belokkan kedua sebelah kanan  - Take the second turning on the right

Lurus                               - Straight
Terus saja                          - Go straight on
Berhenti                            - Stop
Pinggir                             - Pull over

Tanya Arah - Asking for Direction

Permisi, dimana kantor pos terdekat? - Excuse me, Where's the nearest post office?

Numpang tanya, Kalau mau ke kantor pos terdekat lewat mana? - Can I ask, which way is the nearest post office?

Maaf mau tanya, kalau mau ke kantor pos terdekat lewat mana yah? - Excuse me, If I want to go to the nearest post office could you tell me which way it is?

Maaf, Tahu jalan menuju kantor pos terdekat dari sini? - Excuse me, Do you know where the nearest post office is from here?


Now Change the words "Kantor Pos" with the following words:

Terminal Bis - Bus terminal
Statiun kereta api - Railway station
Bandara - Airport
Kantor Polisi - Police station
Kantor Imigrasi - Immigration Office


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