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Friday, October 25, 2013

Ordering food at Restaurant in Indonesian Language

Kalimat penting saat memesan makanan - Useful phrases when ordering food in Indonesian language

Indonesian Food:

Nasi Goreng ( Indonesian Fried Rice)

Soto Ayam

Gado-gado (Mixed vegetables with peanut sauce)


And many more....

Mau makan apa pak? - What do you want to eat sir?
Mau pesan apa bu? - What do you want to order, ma'am?
Saya mau pesan nasi goreng satu piring - I want to order 1 plate of nasi goreng
Tidak pedas - Not spicy/ hot
Saya juga minta sate ayam - I also want Sate Ayam
Minumnya apa pak? - What do you want to drink, sir?
Saya mau es jeruk - I want orange water with ice
Ada lagi? - Anything else?
Tidak, Itu saja -No, That's all
Baik, Tunggu sebentar - Alright, wait a moment
Ini pesanan anda - Here's what you order
Terima kasih - Thank you
Sama-sama - You're welcome

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