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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Comparatives in Indonesian language

Use the word "Lebih" after the adjectives and add the word "dari pada" to make the comparative form in Indonesian language. 

Risma lebih cantik daripada Yuni - Risma is more beautiful  than Yuni

Here are some of the adjectives that you can learn:

Tinggi - tall/ high
Pendek - short
Gemuk - fat
Kurus   - thin
Bagus - good
Buruk - bad
Malas - lazy
Rajin - diligent
Panas - Hot
Dingin - cold
Sejuk - cool
Ramai - Noisy/ crowded
Sepi - quiet
Mahal - expensive
Murah - cheap
Tua - old
Muda - young

other examples:

Jakarta lebih panas dari Bandung - Jakarta is hotter than Bandung

                        Jakarta                                                     Bandung

Can you make comparative sentences based on these pictures?





Pak Yono         Pak Joyo


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