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Friday, June 5, 2015


Before you learn the following lesson, please have alook at the previous lesson which is related to this at: VOWELS AND CONSONANTS IN BAHASA INDONESIA  

A. Now practice reading the alphabets in Bahasa Indonesia

 B. Now “EJA”(spell) your name 
 C. EJA some “Kosa kata”(vocabulary):

N-A-M-A (Name)              S-A-Y-A (I,Me,My)            T-I-N-G-G-A-L (Live)

B-E-R-A-S-A-L (Origin)   S-E-O-R-A-N-G (A, An)     D-A-R-I (From)

A-N-D-A (You)                  P-E-K-E-R-J-A-A-N (profession)

D-I (At/In/On)                    S-U-P-I-R (Driver)

E. Sekarang latih kosakata tentang anda (Now practise the vocabulary talking about you) 


Apa kabar? Nama saya Iwan Darwanto (How are you? my name is Iwan Darwanto)
Saya seorang supir taxi (I am a taxi driver)
Saya tinggal di Mampang, Jakarta Selatan (I live in Mampang, South Jakarta)
Saya berasal dari Bandung, Jawa Barat (I am originally from Bandung, West Java)