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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Bahasa Indonesia is not Hard

Indonesian language or Bahasa Indonesia is Indonesian national language which is spoken by 250 millions people by the country's population. Although there are about 300 local languages throughout the country yet the people will absolutely understand this language. Why there are so many languages here in Indonesia? It is due to the large numbers of people from different areas scattered around 17,508 islands in Indonesia as Indonesia is one of the largest archipelago countries around the world with its diversity in ethnics, races, religions, as well as languages yet most of them do speak and understand Bahasa Indonesia as our national language which also unites us and it is taught since the children go to their schools.

Bahasa Indonesia itself derives from Melayu language which origins from Riau, one of the many provincies Indonesia has, and mixed by other languages such as Arab ( for example : Kursi - chair, lemari - cupboard, salam-greetings, etc), Dutch ( gratis - free of charge, lap-tablecloth, etc), Sanskirt/ Hindi (dunya - the world/earth, etc), English (parlemen - parliament, lampu- lamp, populasi-population, degradasi-degradation, radiasi-radiation) and many more. The good thing for a learner is that Bahasa Indonesia is written in alphabets which most of the world people know. It is not written in difficult characters as other foreign languages have. And the pronunciation of the vocabulary is not really difficult except some words contain the letter 'R' as some Europian cannot pronounce it well because it is pronounced with the rolling 'R' like the pronunciation of Spanish people when they pronounce 'R' letter.

Other things that make this language easier to learn are gender in language which Bahasa Indonesia does not have like in other foreign languages. The verbs do not change due to the subject pronouns like in English. For instance,"Saya pergi" (I go). It does not change when the subject changes. For instance "Kamu pergi" (you go),"Dia pergi" (She/he goes), "John pergi" (John goes), Kami pergi (we go). As you can see here the verbs does not change because of the subjects or gender in language.

The verbs in bahasa Indonesia does not change either due to adverbs of time such as now, yesterday, tomorrow, etc. For example "Saya pergi sekarang" (I'm going now). "Saya pergi kemarin" ( I went yesterday), "Saya pergi besok" (I will go tomorrow), "Saya pergi setiap hari" ( I go everyday). As you can see the verb "pergi" does not change due to the adverbs of time so it will make you easier.