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Indonesia is one of the biggest countries in the world. It is located in Southeast Asia with 17,508 islands surround it. It is also the world’s fourth populous country. There are more than 300 local languages are used but Bahasa Indonesia is the national language and is used by more than 230 million people throughout the country. The language is also similar to Malaysian language with, of course, different vocabulary, spelling as well as pronunciation. It is taught in many other countries such as ASEAN countries, Australia, Netherland, Suriname, etc. This book is aimed to help those who would like to know and learn Bahasa whether s/he is an expatriate who works in Indonesia or a person who studies this language. You will learn 4 basic skills in language learning such as reading, speaking, listening as well as writing.

Bahasa-corner gives language training (bahasa Indonesia, English, Japanese) to individuals and companies based on what the customers' needs. Our teachers will come to your place around Jakarta, Bekasi, Cibitung and Cikarang or if you are outside Jakarta you can study online with us.

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