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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Shopping in Indonesian language

Kalimat Penting Saat Belanja - Useful phrases when shopping in Indonesian language

Berapa harganya? - How much does it cost/do they cost?
Mahal sekali    - It is very expensive
Harganya terjangkau - The price is affordable
Tidak mahal bu - It is not expensive, Madam
Bisa saya tawar - Can I bargain?
Harga pas Pak - It is fixed price, Sir.
Ini barang import - This is import good
Masih segar - Still fresh
Mau beli berapa Pak? - How many do you want to buy, Sir?
Dimana bayarnya? - Where can I pay?
Anda bayar di kasir di sebelah sana - You pay at the cashier
counter over there.

Dimana saya bisa membeli sepatu?- Where can I buy shoes?
Saya cari kaos buat anak saya - I am looking for a t-shirt for my child
Ukurannya apa Pak? - What is the size?
Ada ukuran XL tidak? - Is there XL size?
Terlalu kecil - It is too small
Terlalu besar - It is too big
Anda punya yang warna merah? - Do you have the red one?
Bisa dikirim ke tempat saya? - Can it be sent to my place?
Ada biaya kirimnya? - Is there any delivery cost?
Gratis bu - It is free
Tidak ada biaya kirim - There is no delivery charge
Beli dua gratis satu - Buy two get one

We hope shopping in Indonesian language is not too difficult for you or you may send us questions about it by email.

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