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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Learn Indonesian language with tongue twister, it's fun!

Learn Indonesian language with us, bahasa-corner.com. Get the update information of  bahasa Indonesia here, the people, the event, the culture and any other uniqueness to take your fancy. Learning Indonesian language is fun whenever we get familiar with the country and get along well with its people, what do you think?

You are free to learn Indonesian language through this blog and if you happen to reside in the greater Jakarta you may contact us for private learning either to your home of office. A glimpse for you to know, the Indonesian language, anyhow, gives easier pronunciation to speak after as there are hardly stressing words nor sentences. 

Okay now, as you're starting learning Indonesian language you'd better make a lot of drilling as what any learners do when learning English. Need encouragement, stimulation? You may need to know our tongue twister, something like, Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers so where's the peck of pickled peppers that Peter Piper pick?

Learn here and try to find the meaning for homework:
  • Dudung, ambilkan dandang di dinding dong, Dung!
  • Keledai makan kedelai di kedai.
  • Jangan coba-coba cium cucu-cucuku kalau cuma mau cium cucu-cucuku cuma-cuma.
  •  Toko-toko di kota kita tutup ketika kita tetap buka toko kita.
  •  Kuku kaki kakak kakak ku kayak kuku kaki kakek kakek ku.
Learn Indonesian language with tongue twister is as fun as expressing the ideas on the paper for a writer.

Keep up with our update, everyone. See you.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Indonesian comedian

Learning Indonesian by knowing its places of interest, culture, people, including comedian, why not? Maybe the most famous Indonesian comedian now is Sule. However, it is quite difficult to decide he is the man as Indonesia keeps so many professional comedians to outdo one another. It is difficult either to say one will also be the legend later as big as the late Benyamin Sueb who produced 75 music album and played in 53 films during his life time.

Read the following passage about Sule quoted from Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia and learn some new words

Entis Sutisna (lahir di Kota Cimahi, Jawa Barat, 15 November 1976; umur 35 tahun) atau lebih dikenal dengan nama Sule adalah pelawak Indonesia. Ia dikenal karena kemampuan membuat lelucon spontan yang responsif dan kreatif. Sule mulai dikenal setelah memenangkan API 1 (bersama Ogi Suwarna dan Obin Wahyudin dalam grup lawak SOS) pada tahun 2005 dan Superstar Show. Karirnya semakin meningkat setelah perannya dalam acara Opera Van Java di Trans7 dan sinetron Awas Ada Sule di Global TV. Anak pertamanya yang bernama Rizky , kini mulai aktif mengikuti jejaknya 


lahir: was born
lebih dikenal: well known as
pelawak: comedian
membuat lelucon: to make jokes
memenangkan: to win
Karirnya semakin meningkat: to improve his career/to rise to stardom
Anak pertamanya: His first son
mengikuti jejaknya: to follow his step 

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Indonesian course? Better know a glimpse of Indonesia, first

Welcome to Bahasa corner, that's what we would like to say to you, all people, in case you're looking for a reference to your Indonesian learning programs. This site is the right place for you to take an Indonesian course either online or offline for those living in the greater Jakarta and thereabouts.

Stick around here, learn more about our country, the culture, the people, the things you might not know out there or the things you have been ill-informed so far. First, about Indonesia itself, the uniquness of us starts from when you see Indonesia from the sky through Google map, the structure of the archipelago linking one island to another forming an awesome scene.

Talking about Indonesia's tourism, ever heard of Bali? Bali is probably more popular than Indonesia itself. Bali has become one of the favorite tourist destination areas, visited more by tourists either domestic or globally than any other regions in Indonesia. Why Bali? You see the uniqueness of this island; not only it is inhibited by the predominantly Hindu population with its rich traditional and religious culture, but it has a great deal of enchanting views and places of interest.

By the way, what did you know about Indonesia so far? Terrorism? Radicalism? Stop thinking negative about us. Let's improve our knowledge, lingustical things or something.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Demonstrative Pronouns

Ini means this
Itu means that
Apa ? means what. It is for asking things and animals
Siapa? means who. It is for asking people.

Latihlah mengucakan kalimat berikut ini
Practice saying the following sentences 

      A:  Apa itu? – What is that?
      B:  Itu bendera Indonesia - That is Indonesia’s Flag

        A: Apa ini? – What is that?
        B: Ini telepon genggam - This is a cellular phone  

                                                   A:  Dia siapa? – Who is she?
            B:  Dia seorang polsi wanita - She's a police woman                                                   

        A: Siapa dia? – Who is he?
        B: Dia seorang pelukis - He is a painter


Sunday, November 20, 2011


Gantilah dengan kata yang ada dalam kurung

Change the sentence using the words in bracket

Example: Nama saya Samniar (Dia)
         Nama dia Samniar

1. Nama dia Nazwa? (Anda)                                                               
2. Dade Muhtar berasal dari Indonesia. (Malaysia)
3. Dade Muhtar berasal dari Indonesia. (Tinggal di)              
4. Noni Haryani bekerja di Jakarta. (London)       

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Gantilah dengan kata yang ada dalam kurung
Change the sentence using the words in brackets 

Monday, October 3, 2011


Halo, Nama saya Edy Kudrajat. Saya seorang Creative Manager di PT. Creative Solutions dan saya berasal dari Cikarang, Indonesia.

Now you do the same.

Halo, Nama saya ........... Saya seorang .............. di ..................... dan saya berasal dari ..................

Sunday, August 21, 2011


·        Satu              One
Dua               Two
Tiga              Three
Empat             four
Lima              Five
Enam              Six
Tujuh             Seven
Delapan           Eight
Sembilan          Nine
Sepuluh           Ten

Sebelas           Eleven
Dua belas         Twelve
Tiga belas        Thirteen
Empat belas       Fourteen
Lima belas        Fifteen
Enam belas        Sixteen
Tujuh belas       Seventeen
Delapan Belas     Eighteen
Sembilan belas    Nineteen

Dua puluh         Twenty
Tiga Puluh        Thirty
Empat Puluh       Fourty
Lima Puluh        Fifty
Enam Puluh        Sixty
Tujuh Puluh       Seventy
Delapan Puluh     Eighty
Sembilan Puluh    Ninety

Seratus           One Hundred
Dua Ratus         Two Hundred
Tiga Ratus        Three Hundred
Empat Ratus       Four Hundred
Lima Ratus        Five Hundred
Enam Ratus        Six Hundred
Tujuh Ratus       Seven Hundred
Delapan Ratus     Eight Hundred
Sembilan Ratus    Nine Hundred

Seribu            One thousand
Dua ribu          Two thousand
Tiga Ribu         Three thousand
Empat Ribu        Four thousand
Lima ribu         Five thousand
Enam ribu         Six thousand
Tujuh ribu        Seven thousand
Delapan ribu      Eight thousand
Sembilan ribu     Nine thousand

Sepuluh ribu      Ten thousand
Dua puluh ribu    Two thousand
Lima puluh ribu   Five thousand
Enam puluh ribu lima ratus  Six thousand five hundred

Tiga ratus ribu   Three hundred thousand
Lima ratus ribu   Five hundred thousand 
Tujuh ratus ribu  Seven hundred thousand

Satu Juta   One million
Empat Juta  Four million
Tujuh Juta  Seven million

Contoh - Exapmle

1500 = Seribu lima ratus
3650 = Tiga ribu enam ratus lima puluh
7897 = Tujuh ribu delapan ratus sembilan puluh tujuh
25000 = Dua Puluh Lima Ribu
347000 = Tiga ratus empat puluh tujuh ribu
1500000 = Satu Juta lima ratus ribu

Kalkulasi – Calculating
Tambah/ di tambah
-   Kurang/ dikurang/ minus
Kali/ dikali
:   Bagi/ dibagi
=  Sama dengan

1500 + 3500 = 5000 dibaca Seribu lima ratus ditambah tiga ribu lima ratus sama dengan lima ribu
                                   is read

Monday, July 11, 2011



When you LEARN INDONESIAN LANGUAGE you will learn greetings. Greetings  usually start with the word selamat as you can see from the
following examples:

Selamat pagi – Good morning
Selamat siang- Good afternoon
Selamat malam- Good evening
Selamat tidur- Good night (before sleeping)

There are also:
Selamat tinggal – Good bye
Selamat datang – Welcome
Selamat Idul Fitri – Happy Idul Fitri
Selamat ulang tahun – Happy birthday
Selamat makan- Happy eating
Selamat jalan- Farewell
or just ” Selamat” – Congratulation

But Bahasa Indonesia has also some other greetings without the word “selamat”. For
Semoga beruntung / berhasil – Good luck
Semoga anda lulus ujian – Hopefully you pass the exam